Do you design logos?

Yes. Logo design, or Visual Identity as we call it in the design industry is something Brad Webster specializes in. He has created many iconic logo identities for regional, national and international brands. 

Do you design websites?

Brad has led the creative design on many websites. His specific area of expertise is the UX layout and he is familiar with working along side web builders/coders.

I already have a website/designer, do I need you?

There is a strong difference between the contractor building your house, and the architect designing your house. The architect creates a blueprint with intentionality and user experience in mind.


Brad and others on his team have the skills and capabilities to do the building/production, but even if you have this secured, the area of expertise brought to your project will be the careful intentionality of the blueprint of your brand. Strategy and guidance is the best way you can maximize your marketing, website and overall impression of your brand. 

I already have a logo/designer, do I need you?

A logo (or Visual Identity) ideally should be the results of a strategic branding process. This insures that the logotype and brand icon chosen is the best expression of the brand. Brad Webster can bring insightful feedback and creative direction to make sure your brand is shown in the best way possible. 


Additionally, even with a strong logo already in place, there are many other facets to the brand for you to consider. These include your clarified purpose, your brand promise and brand tone of voice et al. It also spans the customer experience and positioning the brand over the long term. Webster Branding can assist you in many of these areas that are often overlooked in small business. Get an edge in your category and see how Brad can bring you to the next level. 

Do you offer consulting?

Yes. Many business owners are sharp and have done well to get their business to its current status. With this in mind, Brad can offer keen branding insights, and a fresh perspective from the outside, in order to take your brand to the next level.